Our Consultancy & Matchmaking

Starting a business or project in the Caribbean region is one, but continuity and efficiency are the success. CDW Europe offers its expertise and extensive network with both the government and the private sector in the Caribbean region, for your goal.
We assist you to achieve your goal through a two-track approach: 1. advice for the right direction to executives and 2. Implementation-services for management to realize the effectiveness of the project/company in the Caribbean.
The Business Consulting branch of CDW Europe offers the following services:

  • SWOT analysis: A quick scan of the feasibility of your idea or project, taking into account the different business cultures
  • Strategy: (Business Strategy and Business Development Strategy)
  • Project management: (operation of a new company and / or project to be set up as well as the operation of a branch established by you in the Caribbean countries
  • Finance: (budgets and earnings models projected over a certain period)
  • Operational Excellence: (Advice for) improving the operational and logistics process of your project or company
  • Document service: arranging all the documents you need for registration of your company, licenses, export documents and external communications with stakeholders in the Caribbean country.
  • Matchmaking: Finding an overseas businesspartner is more than just a conversation. For a long term relationship, it is important to know the right practices and traditions of various cultures. Also, the review of companies before a long term relationship is passed. Today, we are regularly approached by companies, individuals and NGO’s that ask us to bridge, live, invest and recreate from Europe to the Caribbean, especially Suriname.